"I uploaded my music everywhere. Why aren't people buying my songs?"

Most likely, there's one simple reason why fans aren't buying your music.

(And it's probably NOT a problem with your music distributor OR your songs.)

Hi. Steve Pieper here.

Like most indie artists starting out, I uploaded my songs with a distribution company. Right away, my music was for sale on all the big retailers. I was really excited about my future as an indie artist.

And then...

Nothing happened.

Nobody bought my songs.

I got really discouraged. Was I wasting my time trying to grow a fan base?

I was afraid I didn't have what it takes.

Then I figured out what was wrong, and this happened:

As soon as I understood the problem, things got better.

And the problem wasn't my music.

Just like the problem probably isn't with YOUR music, either.

I went on to earn six figures selling my own original music.

It wasn't too hard, honestly. (No, I'm not some kind of prodigy. Trust me - Joe Average here :).

Sort of by accident, my friends and I started helping other artists do the same thing.

Now, hundreds of indie artists are finding fans and growing their income.

You don't need "connections" or a "lucky break."

"Holy s***! Sales are coming in all the time now!"

Hip-hop Artist

"Thank you so much! I didn't know this was possible for me. I have tears in my eyes."

Maryanne Shaw
Blues Artist, 12-year touring musician

"New fans are signing up every day."

Hugh Hitchcock
Funk Artist, session musician

"I'm so glad I found this!"

Carrie Davies
Folk Singer, multiple live TV performances

"Hands down the best course of its kind out there bar none."

Mark Palmer
Rock Artist


Jefferson Mehta
Electronica Artist

"Very insightful and honest."

Casey Toutre
Folk/Roots Artist

"...exactly what I needed to get off the dime and start growing my fan base."

Alex Lubzinski
Metal Artist

There's probably just one reason that fans aren't buying your music.

Learn why.

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There's probably just one reason...

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- Steve Pieper